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The Team



Charles Cashin


Charles is one of the founding directors of PWS Gulf and led the team which set up the company in the spring of 1998. A Bachelor of Science and Chartered Insurance Broker, Charles has worked in the Arabian Gulf for 27 years for four international brokers including PWS Gulf. His expertise includes Marine, Marine Energy, Utilities, Construction, Financial Institutions, Jewellers, and Employee Benefits in addition to conventional Liability and Property classes.

He has experience of transacting insurance business throughout the Gulf and Middle East, Europe, Africa, South Asia, and S.E. Asia.

Idris G.M. Odeh

Idris G.M. Odeh   Idris, is one of the two founding directors of PWS Gulf. A Jordanian national who has worked in the insurance broking industry since 1984, he brings to the company extensive experience of the UAE markets in particular, and also the Gulf and wider Middle East in general including Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. Initially from an accounting background and a graduate of Beirut Arab University, Idris’ role also encompasses administration and client coordination and marketing.

Andrew Bathurst

Andrew Bathurst Appointed a director of PWS Gulf in May 2012, Andrew has more than 35 years experience in both underwriting and broking at Lloyds of London, including working at CEO level in very senior roles. An experienced Marine specialist, Andrew assists with PWS Gulf's Marine placements in to the London market and also provides a corporate presence in this important centre for us. Andrew is currently Chairman of the Chartered Insurance Institute of London's Marine committee.     


Alfred Rodrigues

Alfred Rodrigues   Alfred joined PWS Gulf in March 1999 from an Accounts background. He has extensive experience of Non Marine and Group Medical and Accident insurances. His main expertise, however, is now in Marine Insurance and he is responsible for handling the Marine portfolio of the company. Alfred is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Bombay University.



Fanny D’Souza

Fanny D'Souza   Fanny joined PWS Gulf in 1999 having previously had 2 years experience of insurance and reinsurance broking. Fanny handles Non Marine classes as well as Cargo, and runs the documentary process for our Marine Cargo and Jewellers Block binding authorities. She also handles an extensive portfolio of Financial Institutions, and other Non Marine insurance and reinsurance clients.


Arun Anand

Arun Anand   Arun joined PWS Gulf in 2008. Previously employed as an auditor at an international firm, Arun now runs the new production and accounts programme. A qualified Chartered Accountant, he has more than thirteen years experience in accounts, finance and audit and has been based in Dubai for five years.


Grace Belen - Hualda

Grace Belen-Hualda   A Bachelor of Science graduate from the Philippines, Grace worked in a TPA Medical Insurance provider before joining PWS Gulf in July 2008. She principally handles Reinsurance, Health, and Engineering classes.


Nisha Reeba Thomas

Nisha Reeba Thomas   Nisha joined PWS Gulf in 2008 – previously from a Life Insurance background. She has a Masters Degree in Mathematics and mainly handles reinsurance, particularly Jewellers Block, Financial Institutions, Liability and Engineering classes. She is a Licentiate of the Indian Insurance Institute.


Christian Castrodes

Christian Castrodes   Christian joined PWS Gulf in July 2011. A Bachelor of Business Administration, Christian has more than 10 years underwriting experience, mainly in Engineering; at PWS Gulf he is also involved in various Non-Marine classes including Financial Institutions.


Sreejith Thalappan


Sreejith joined PWS Gulf in December 2006.  He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and is responsible for marketing all classes of direct insurances; he has particular experience of Jewellers, Financial Institutions, and Medical schemes.


Dr. Ajitha Nair


Dr. Ajitha is a Medical Doctor, holding a Licentiate in insurance, who has more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare sector including extensive clinical practice. She also has an in depth knowledge of the UAE Health Insurance market having worked previously for both leading TPAs and insurers, as well as brokers. Joining PWS Gulf in 2014, her experience is used for both medical insurance scheme design + quotations and claims management, claims documentation, claims evaluation and processing, and approvals. She now manages PWS Gulf's Medical and Life Department.


Michelle Chong


Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science majoring in Banking and Finance from the Philippines. She has more than 10 of years' experience in various professional fields working as an Office Administrator and Production Officer. Michelle joined PWS Gulf in 2011 and primarily handles Marine insurances and also some General insurances, together with assisting with IT matters.


Sojan Babu


Sojan joined PWS Gulf in June 2016. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce (B. Com) and is responsible for marketing and sales in all classes of direct insurance. He has a particular experience of life insurance, savings and investment schemes.


Dennis D'Souza


Dennis joined PWS Gulf in July 2014 from an Accounts background. Dennis is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Mumbai University, India. Dennis handles Marine classes, and runs the documentary process.


Lawrence White


Lawrence a qualified Financial Adviser, heads our Life & Pensions division. Joining PWS Gulf on February 1, 2015, he holds industry related certificates and has accumulated vast financial services experience working with leading financial advisory firms in the UK and in the UAE. With over 40 year's experience, he is a specialist in holistic financial planning.


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