Financial Institutions

Today’s World

Greater financial, and particularly electronic, business practices require innovative new products and solutions. The increased use of technology has made businesses susceptible to new threats such as cyber crime and more creative types of fraud.

The pressure on businesses, and particularly financial institutions, to contain and eliminate these risks has never been greater; at PWS Gulf, our specialist financial institutions team has fast and broad access to the major insurance markets, including London, Europe and Asia, to provide the expert and strong capacity needed to mitigate them.

PWS Gulf

PWS Gulf has the ability to work with you to identify the areas where coverage and risk management are most needed, the innovative solutions to meet your requirements, and the contacts and relationships to place those risks with underwriters who have a detailed understanding of the sector.


  • Bankers Blanket Bond
  • Computer Crime
  • Bankers Professional Indemnity
  • Stockbrokers Indemnity
  • Securities and Futures Industry Indemnity
  • Commercial Crime
  • Plastic Card
  • Armoured Car Security Companies
  • Cyber Crime

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